Our Equipment:

Hydro-Ax 621b
(Pictured above in green)

• With 8' Rotary Ax Mower Head
• Cuts and Mulches up to 10" Trees
• Large Tracts, Utility and Road Right-of-Ways
• Pre-Construction; Pre-Development
• Extremely Heavy Growth
• Wetlands Delineation Preparation

Bobcat T300
(Pictured above in white)

• With Bush Hog and Planer Heads
• Cuts and Mulches up to 8" Trees
• Lots and Small Tracts, Survey Lines, Hunting Lanes
• Front Mounted Deck; Mobility of a Skid Steer
• Hand Labor Minimized or Unnecessary
• 12' High Reach for Removal of Lower Limbs and Vines

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